Personal Essential Oil Diffusers

Wherever you are, exhale therapeutic air to immediately access the ancient wellness art of aromatherapy. Unlike topical oils or household diffusers, MONQ is enhanced for convenience in the modern age. Experience the most direct form of aromatherapy with MONQ Personal Diffuser.


MONQ uses 100% naturally extracted and organic essential oils, harvested from eco-friendly farms across the world. These essential oils are the highest quality, so that every breath is safe and effective. 

Breathe in through your mouth, and out through your nose to attain maximal therapeutic benefits from MONQ.

So why does aromatherapy work? 

The breathing and inhalation of essential oils stimulates your brain through the olfactory nerve, connected to smell. This further signals messages to the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotions and retrieves learned memories. This causes chemicals to be released which make the person feel relaxed, calm, or even stimulated. You may have experienced the olfactory system at work if you have ever noticed how a certain smell triggers a memory or emotion.


Why is MONQ even more effective than aromatherapy?


MONQ therapy helps people experience nature whether in the woods or in the city. It’s a simple, sleek, device that lets you breathe organic plants simulating the aromas that people breathed in the forest.

Physicians world-wide are beginning to prescribe walks in the forest as relief for anxiety, addiction, stress and depression.  It has also been shown that when people breathe in a forest, they experience lower blood pressure as well as lower stress and anxiety. 


Interestingly, studies have found that breathing in these same plant compounds and aromas in the laboratory, especially ones called terpenes, provides similar health benefits. MONQ contains medicinal plant compounds, backed by science.


You see, a million years ago, people lived in forests and savannas, breathing in fresh forest air.  Now, 50% of Americans live in cities, separated from nature.  And with that, stress and anxiety levels are at very high levels.  People are breathing in air which is not only polluted, but possibly even more critically, is missing the normal aromatic compounds found in the forest.

Breathe Therapeutic Air

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Can't decide? Make a FREE sampling appointment with Dr. Nicole to learn more about how to stay well with MONQ therapy and discuss which blends are best for you.  In this quick appointment, you will be able to sample the different blends of this unique form of herbal medicine.

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Experience Your Life of Wellness with the Healing Power of Nature.


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